Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Fresh Start

It's hard to believe I graduated from university 2 years ago this week. Leaving felt a little like Limbo: I had no job, no experience and a 2:1 fashion degree which 1000's of other students across the country had achieved too. I felt like maybe a job would come the moment I took my robe off, but instead I was sat at home spending weeks watching teen tv boxsets thinking I 'deserved' the rest.

Since then not much has changed: I do have a retail job now, but it's hard to be inspired. I've done some travelling, NYC included. I started a business but it's a tough marketplace. I still watch teen tv boxsets on my odd weeks off knowing I actually do deserve it this time.

So, a new start.

I tend to think of years as one birthday to the next, instead of Jan-Dec, this way I feel like I can achieve something every year of my life, not everyone else's year.

My birthday is in October. I'll let you know what I've achieved this year, and what I hope to achieve next.

Friday, 5 September 2014

India Inside

india inside

After 18 months of working for a luxury lifestyle brand it's hard to not think about overhauling my own space. Saving for our own place is slowly but surely mounting up and all I can think about is cushions, throws, lighting and homeliness. India and the far east has always been a source of inspiration from me, mainly it's colours and vibrant history and people. I chose this medley of interior items that reflect such a bold country but also modern and fresh design.

Radiate Love